TC Fire Communications
Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Featured Cobalt Products
.CH-11 Over the Head with Red PTT

•Very Comfortable Headband
•Fixed 3.5 mm Connector
•Cord can be switched out for extra charge
•24dB NRR Rated
•HD 2-Year Warranty

TM Tactical Throat Mic and Speaker Kit

•Rugged tactical throat mic and speaker kit
•Dual mic pickups
•Detachable inline round tactical PTT
•Coiled radio cord
•Clear coiled acoustic tube
•Rubber ear tip
•Semi custom ear mold, size M
•Integrated cloth strap for secure fastening

Economy Kit with D-ring Speaker
•Inline lapel mic with PTT clip module
•Comfortable hygienic plastic D-ring earshell speaker
•Swivel for either ear use

Economy Kit with Ear Bud Speaker
•Inline lapel mic with PTT clip module
•Ear bud speaker
•Soft rubber ear hook support for right or left ear

Clear Acoustic Tube Reinforced Transducer Speaker Kit
•Inline lapel mic with PTT clip module
•Flex boom mic
•Independent volume and speaker switch
•Can be modified for hard hat wear

Surveillance Kits

Bestseller Model
•Designed for public safety
•Water and shock resistant
•HD 2-year warranty

Lightweight Model
•Lightweight and compact
•Rugged outer case
•HD 1-year warranty

Speaker Grill PTT
•Large PTT on speaker grill
•Large side PTT
•HD 2-year warranty

Speaker Microphones

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