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About IMPACT Radio Accessories™ 

IMPACT Radio Accessories™ is a privately held Corporation with headquarters in the city of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia Canada. U.S. deliveries and international fulfillment are handled by our Wilmington, NC distribution center.

Founded in 1999 as a North American distributor of other aftermarket accessory brands, IMPACT Radio Accessories™ has grown to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique communication products for public safety, military, security, retail and hospitality applications.

We took years of feedback and input from our customers and set out to design and build exactly what they asked for: OEM quality, reliable, super tough products at "aftermarket" prices.

The entire IMPACT™ product line showcased on this website has been designed by us, components and manufacturing methods specified by us, and the final product tested no less than seven times by our QC specialists and then tested again before shipping to you, ensuring that everything you buy works right out of the box and keeps working out in the field.

Our industry leading "No Hassle Warranty" means exactly that. In the unlikely event that you do find a problem, we step up and fix it with no questions asked!

In order to meet the demanding needs of our “mission critical” customer base and constantly changing market conditions, IMPACT™ has made significant investments in the areas of R&D Product Development, Quality Control, Information Technology, Website Development and Sales and Marketing support to maintain IMPACT’S strong growth momentum and to enhance our ability to effectively service our customers at a level far exceeding industry standards.

IMPACT™ has positioned itself as a significant industry player with strong brand awareness and customer loyalty in a short period of time. To differentiate IMPACT™ within the portable accessory industry, the company adapted a strategy based on four main factors: Hold high levels of on-hand inventory to service our “need it now” mission critical customers; offer significantly lower pricing to compete with the well established major-brand manufacturers; create innovative product designs with superior quality to set IMPACT™ well above the "No Name, off the shelf” Imports; and cap it all off with a “never say no” service oriented attitude and superior warranty program.

IMPACT™ now partners with the worlds largest and most profitable two-way radio dealers, international distributors and OEM companies and the toughest public safety, security and military customers now consider IMPACT™ their accessory line of choice.

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